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2019 GOALS

     2018 was a year of great leaps and bounds for me. I graduated with my Masters, moved to a new state, and made major steps to further my career.  It was a challenge and a true test of my grit.
By the end of it, I feel like accomplished way more than I set out to.

    When I looked at my 5 year plan, I realized by around August that during 2019- I will have essentially accomplished everything I set out to do by 2023. This made me consider two things:
    2) I may not be reaching big enough.

    So, for 2019 I want to reach beyond what I assume I am capable of, and push myself out my own way. I want this last year of my 20's to be the one I'm most proud of- so I am reaching more within this year and focusing on SELF.

TRAVEL - I am setting a goal to travel more. Last year, I spent way too much time looking at other people's Instagrams wishing I was on vacation myself. I plan to make time to relax and committing to visitin…