2019 GOALS


     2018 was a year of great leaps and bounds for me. I graduated with my Masters, moved to a new state, and made major steps to further my career.  It was a challenge and a true test of my grit.
By the end of it, I feel like accomplished way more than I set out to.

    When I looked at my 5 year plan, I realized by around August that during 2019- I will have essentially accomplished everything I set out to do by 2023. This made me consider two things:
    2) I may not be reaching big enough.

    So, for 2019 I want to reach beyond what I assume I am capable of, and push myself out my own way. I want this last year of my 20's to be the one I'm most proud of- so I am reaching more within this year and focusing on SELF.

    TRAVEL - I am setting a goal to travel more. Last year, I spent way too much time looking at other people's Instagrams wishing I was on vacation myself. I plan to make time to relax and committing to visiting 3 new cities.

   CAREER - 2018 was my first time doing contracting/consulting full time and I loved it.  It allowed me to find an opportunity that fits all the things I enjoy doing in an environment that works well for me. I want to take this year and work on more professional development to push me further in my career. I am also committing more time to connecting with others, mentoring, and sharing about the tips and tools that have worked well for me in my career.

SELF CARE - While this should always be a priority, I certainly want to do better about this in 2019. PCOS can make loosing weight a struggle. I finally found a regimen that works well for me as far as diet and exercise-- now I need to commit to being more consistent. Also, I'm committing to taking more time out for mental health and spiritual time. There is so much going on in the world, and I need to be okay with allowing myself to 'hit pause" every once in a while.

What are your goals for 2019! Feel free to comment below 😀